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Game „Associations“

This game works great both at home and while travelling, both for old friend and new ones, no matter what age are they. Moreover, you don‘t need any materials and any preparation to play it. So let‘s get started:

The first player starts the game with any word he likes. (for example „sun“)
Another player quickly tells a word, that comes to his mind after hearing the first one. (for example „summer“)
The third player shares his word, which associates with the second word. (for example „vacation“).

Tip: the point is to say the words without thinking, only the one that comes to your mind first.

The associations chain could look like this:
For example: sun – summer – vacation – sea – beach – sandcastle – fairytale - ... and so on.


Fun personality test „Jungle“

This game is for those, who like to explore their personality. You can play it with your friends or family mambers, on a rainy day at home, or having a picnic somewhere in a beautiful place. It is a chance to let speak your subconciousness and know more about yourself. So how to play it?

The leader tells:

Imagine that you went for a walk and you approached a jungle.
What do you do? Do you go deeper in the jungle? How do you feel? How does jungle look like?
All players should write their answers to themselves.
You walk through the jungle and find a key. How does it look like? What is it for? What do you do with the key – take it or leave it?
Players write their answers.
You go further and find water. What kind of water is it? What is your action?
Write the answers.
Then you approach to the house. How does it look like? What do you do?
Write the answers.
After some time you find a burrow. Who does this burrow belong to? How do you act?

After all the players have written their answers, the leader of the game explains:

Jungle means your attitude to life
Key means art
Water means love
House means science
Burrow means death

Now look at your notes, maybe your will discover something new about yourself.

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