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Race activities for kids

Try these fun race activities during children parties!

„Little crocodiles“

All players divide into teams of 3, 4 or 5 players. Players of each team should form up a line, and between each player there should be one balloon, which is hold by players‘ backs and chests.
The aim of this game is to run a certain distance. The fastest team is the winner.
If any balloon is dropped, player should replace it and start moving from the spot where balloon was dropped.
If balloon had burst, the teamr is disqualified from the game.


“Three-Legged Race”

For this game you will need scarves or fabric strips that will be used for tying children’s legs together.
Divide children into pairs. It would be perfect, if children have similar height and build.
Players of each couple should stay close to each other, so that leader of the game could tie their inside legs (right leg of player in the left and left leg of player in the right).
Then couples stand before start line and on the command “go”, start walking or running as fast as they can. The couple, that reach finish line first becomes the winner.


„Strange race“

Players should cross the distance in some particular way – running backwards, striding, jumping with one leg, etc. The winner is the quickest and the most precise participant of the race.


„Wacky waiter“

You will need: a large plastic dinner plate and ping pong ball for each team.
Split players into two teams. Then put a ping pong ball into each plate and give one to the leader of each team. Teams should line up at the start line and on the“Go“ the first player of each team begins to run as fast as he can, holding the plate waiter-style, to the turnaround point, then runs back and gives his plate to the next player of his team, who does the same. The fastest team is the winner.
If any player drops the ball, he picks it, puts back on his plate, and begins from the spot, where the ball was dropped.

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